For those of you who may not be acquainted with today's national Holiday

The mid 1990s were owned by Donkey Kong Country. In a previous piece I had written, 1994 represented the return of Donkey Kong to the limelight with DKC and the oft-overlooked Donkey Kong ‘94.  DKC was a massive success and ultimately gift wrapped the 16-bit

In a move that will most likely surprise NONE of us who keep an eye on the video game industry, Sony has announced that the next Playstation will be called (drumroll please…) The Playstation 5! Yes we all called this, we all figured this would

As you all already know, I’m a giant Nintendo fan(boy). I wanted to take a minute out of the day to celebrate Nintendo’s 130th Anniversary and wish the Japanese toy and game company a big Happy Birthday! They have a special place in my heart

Sometimes Ideas hit you at strange times. I was sitting around over the past Saturday with no plans or reason to go out. I love days like that, they don’t come along too often but are always appreciated. I’ve been super busy lately with my